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Ergonomics Short Course - Lab Tour

We offer several types of ergonomics training courses, which can be customized and structured to fit our clients' needs.  Each course emphasizes evidence-based practices to improve workplaces.  Let our Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs) help you and your colleagues:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the causes workplace musculoskeletal disorders;

  • Learn to identify injury exposures, using the latest best-practice tools and techniques;

  • Select appropriate countermeasures; and

  • Understand how to further integrate ergonomic initiatives into workplace operations. 

This course would be value-added for anyone. It would be even beneficial to those not directly involved in ergo evaluations.
– Samantha Knepper, Maintenance and Chemical Engineer, John Deere
Ergonomics Course Training

Points of Pride

26 years Ohio State has offered ergo training to industry
325+ companies with graduates of our short course
12 countries where short course attendees traveled from

Do you have questions?

Want to find out more about how SRI-Ergonomics can help you with your applied research needs? Call Dr. Gary Allread, Program Director of SRI-Ergonomics, at 614-292-4565.