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Less Employee Turnover

Employee Turnover

Ergonomics improves how employees feel about their jobs – by reducing the level of effort it takes to perform tasks, by enhancing employees’ interactions with coworkers and supervisors, and by making the workplace more welcoming and enjoyable.  This not only increases an employees’ satisfaction with the job, but it also can reduce their likelihood of being absent from work or leaving the job altogether. 

Employee retention is important, because turnover can be expensive.  A study published by the American Center for Progress found that the median cost of employee turnover to an employer was about 21% of an employee’s annual salary.

Fortunately, ergonomics can play a role in reducing turnover.  For example, a nursing home in Ohio purchased electric, height-adjustable beds for its residents.  Use of these greatly reduced the amount of bending required of nurses to care for and handle these individuals.  Not only did injury risk drop (by 30%), but after two years of use, the facility's employee turnover rate dropped 44%!


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