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Ergonomics Process

An ergonomics process is a plan in which a facility gathers all relevant information on work organization, employee capabilities and limitations, and work-related MSDs, to develop solutions to better accommodate these employees and reduce MSD rates and their associated costs. 

This approach, as detailed in this guideline, has been successfully applied in many industrial environments and has been shown to reduce workers' compensations costs from 36% to 91%.



These occupational lifting guidelines aim to reduce the frequency of recurrent back injuries in the workplace. Lifting conditions can be assessed for both healthy employees and those who have returned to the job following a low-back disorder.  Guidelines were developed via a partnership between the Spine Research Institute and the Ohio BWC.

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Pushing & Pulling

These occupational pushing and pulling guidelines aim to reduce the frequency of back injuries in the workplace.  Guidelines were developed from a partnership between the Spine Research Institute and the Ohio BWC. 

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One-Handed Lifting

A study was recently funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation to develop occupational guidelines for one-handed lifting.  This research is currently being performed and will be compiled into an online tool that will be available soon.

Food Distribution Centers

These guidelines present best practices for the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders in food distribution centers.  The work conducted focused, in particular, on highly repetitive tasks, heavy weights, and awkward postures among warehouse Order Selectors.  Guidelines were developed from a partnership between SRI-Ergonomics and a large East Coast grocery chain.


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These training resources provide ergonomics awareness training to housekeepers and housekeeping managers.  Materials were developed by SRI-Ergonomics engineers as they provided across the United States through the OSHA-sponsored Susan Harwood Training Grant Program.

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